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Women's Ministries upholds women as they develop unique, God-given qualities. Women's Ministries is just what the words imply - a ministry to women. Women's Ministries is here to equip women to effectively use their unique abilities to share Jesus' love with the world around them. We encourage continued spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study and redemptive outreach to change lives one heart at a time.

Available resources include a library of books, videos, and equipment free of charge. A list of qualified women is available to speak at your church of Women's Ministries events.

RECAP of 2014 Oregon Women's Retreat
Held at Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, Oregon - Oct. 17 - 19

Click on a video link below to view it.

Friday Evening
Song Service
Testimony: Rise Rafferty
General Session: Theme Song
Ginny Allen "Simply Beautiful"
General Session: Dr. JoAnn Davidson
Closing Song by Margie Salcedo Rice

Sabbath Morning
Welcome by Cheri Corder
Church Scripture and Prayer
Special Music by Margie Salcedo Rice
Church Service: Dr. JoAnn Davidson

Sabbath Afternoon
Introduction and Testimony: Rise Rafferty

Sabbath Evening
Welcome: Cheri Corder
Testimony: Caroline Carlton
General Session: Dr. JoAnn Davidson

Sunday Morning
Fashion Tips with Suzie
Beth the Hairdresser
Nutrition with Rise Rafferty
Beauty with Jackie & Cheri
Beauty Song & Prayer
Live Stream Sites & Giveaways
Opening Prayer
Testimony: Bev
Youth Scripture & Prayer
Special Music by Elise LeBlanc
General Session: Dr. JoAnn Davidson

RECAP of 2013 Oregon Women's Retreat 
Held at Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond, Oregon - Oct. 18 - 20

Exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all we can ak or imagine

We are grateful we were able to pursue our dream of having the 2013 retreat live streamed to more than a dozen sites so that hundreds MORE women could participate in an amazing weekend of blessings! Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the production team.

May you be blessed as you watch these recordings!

~Cheri Corder and team

Due to copyrights, several things from the weekend which were live streamed cannot be included in the recordings offered here. Those include: song services, musical performances and the video clips shown as part of the feature presentations.

Click on a video link below to view it or click here to see all videos.

Friday Evening
Welcome and announcements, 14:36 minutes - Cheri Corder
Testimony, 10:07 minutes - Sarah Heinrich
Special Feature, 8:33 minutes - Carolyn Karlstrom
Feature Presenation: Leah, 49:47 minutes - Dr. Elizabeth Talbot

Sabbath Morning
Welcome and announcements, 6:19 minutes - Cheri Corder
Testimony and Special Feature, 23:16 minutes - Noah's wife portrayed by Janice Nelson
Feature Presenation: Esther, 51:25 minutes - Dr. Elizabeth Talbot

Sabbath Afternoon
Seminar on Prayer, 1:12:10 hours - Ginny Allen

Sabbath Evening
Welcome and announcements, 16:42 minutes - Cheri Corder
Testimony, 8:51 minutes - Dawn Bogh
Special Feature, 4:35 minutes - Jackie Johnson
Feature Presenation: Woman of Luke 8, 49:12 minutes - Dr. Elizabeth Talbot

Sunday Morning
Welcome and announcements,14:45 minutes - Cheri Corder
Testimony, 13:47 minutes - Ashley Press
Special Feature, 11:43 minutes - Teens
Feature Presentation: Joseph, 55:41 minutes - Dr. Elizabeth Talbot

View a Recap of the 2012 Women's Retreat
click here
Listen to the 2012 Oregon Conference Christian Women's Retreat podcasts here


Canyonville Mini Mission Trip 2012
(There is no audio with this slide show)

North American Women's Ministries Video
(notice a small Oregon section in the middle) 

Women's Ministry, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists from NAD Church Resource Center on Vimeo.

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