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2010 Christian Women's Retreat Recap

For many women, the thought that the God of all Heaven and earth knows my name is a very profound and touching discovery. This was the theme at last year’s Oregon Christian Women’s Retreat, held in Florence, Oregon, in October 2010. Unpacking that theme was our special guest speaker, Heather-Dawn Small, Director of Women’s Ministries at the General Conference. 

With the theme in mind, the women’s names got some extra attention. For example... (click for more)

I attended my first women's retreat in 2007 at the Riverhouse in Bend. I was nervous because I snore really, REALLY bad. I was housed with our church secretary Melinda Newell and her sister-in-law Jessica Hartwell, and they assured me that my snoring would not be a problem for them in the least.  

True to their word the weekend was a huge success, so I decided to attend the following year at the Sunriver Retreat. Again I was housed with Melinda and Jessica and another friend from our church. That first night... (click for more)


Listen to Dr. Susie Hill - One of the speakers for the 2010 Christian Women's Retreat - "Unlocking the Explosive Inner Power of a Woman".

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