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When Love Sees You: Stories of Transforming Grace

This isn’t just about the theory of living the abundant life...This is about real women who have had real struggles and who have found real answers and joy in following Christ! Here to share their personal stories of His transforming grace are:

Friday afternoon: Dr. Jo Ann Davidson





Friday night:
Ginny Allen

Raised in a chaotic home, where fear was often a part of daily life, Ginny saw herself as a “mutt”. How God would bring order and even ministry out of that chaos is a story only He could have dreamed up! Ginny is a retired school nurse who speaks around the world – but has a special love for the women of

Sabbath morning:
Sue Patzer

Everyone knew that Millie would marry Reg; but then a dashing young Navy pilot came to town and stole her heart from Reg and from the Lord. God’s beautiful Plan B began to unfold years later when Reg and Millie’s teenage daughter, Sue...

Sue coordinates Women’s Ministries and Early Childhood Education for the NPUC.

Sabbath evening:
Dr. Mable Dunbar

Born as the result of rape, Mable spent many years questioning her worth and purpose in life. By God’s grace, she came to understand her own incredible value – and discovered her ability to think and to do.
Mable heads WHEN, a network of healing centers for women and children.

Sunday morning: Dr. Jo Ann Davidson

What if you grew up in a healthy Christian home, married a minister, have wonderful children and even an enviable career? A life of faithfulness is beautiful, but then... Would you even need grace?

Jo Ann is a professor in the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Sabbath Breakout Options

- Speak Up! The Essentials of Public Speaking for Him: Ginny Allen

- What About THE PLAN? (When bad things happen to good mothers): Sue Patzer

- Empowering Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence: Dr. Mable Dunbar

- Delighting in the Sabbath: Dr. Jo Ann Davidson

- Why is Everyone’s Life Perfect But Mine? Beverly Logan

- Share the Hope, Share Your Story: Mary McIntosh and Cheri Corder


Just for Teens!

Session #1: Making sure our face(book) uses the right beauty products!

Session #2: Mirror, Mirror... What am I really reflecting?

Marcella Kack Dauncey

New this year: Prayer Breakfast on Sunday!