Women's Ministries
Live Streaming Information
Anyone with internet access can watch the retreat LIVE.

How much of the retreat will be live streamed?
• All 4 main sessions: Friday evening, Sabbath morning and evening, and Sunday morning (two hours each).
• Two breakouts on Sabbath (75 minutes each).

It's all about Fellowship so call your friends and share this event.

Hosting a Site:
Consider hosting this event in the fellowship hall at your church, your home, o
r wherever you like to gather.

Will you need a satellite dish? No. All you need is a good internet connection, 
a screen or white wall with a good video projector and a computer/TV screen large enough for your audience.

Register your site and we will provide you with:
• Instructions on how to set up your site to be sure you get a good signal.
• Technical assistance, if needed, during the weekend (by phone and email)
• Help promoting your site by listing you on our website and referring people to you.
• Detailed schedule so you can plan your site activities to correspond with the retreat activities.
• Access to the same ABC sale prices as being offered at Eagle Crest (plus the usual shipping, if applicable.)
• PDF of the color programs and schedule of the retreat.

Plan your weekend with food and extra activities between the live streaming sessions.

When a group of women come together they can become creative!

Attending a Site:
The information for each site registered with us will be posted on the 
conference website so you will know if the site you would like to attend requires signing up or not, whether there is a cost or not, etc. Every site will be run a little differently.

Can children or men attend at the sites? That will be up to each site!

Deadline to Register Your Site October 1.
    Download the PDF form to register your site.