Women's Ministries

You May Wonder . . .

Questions you may have about the 2011 Oregon Christian Women's Retreat

How far is it . . .

From Portland? 57 minutes
From Bend? 3 hours 23 minutes
From Eugene? 2 hours 52 minutes
From Florence? 4 hours 5 minutes
From Grants Pass? 5 hours 13 minutes (but well worth it!)
Get a group together and car pool! You'll have a blast!

How far did people used to hae to travel when we met at Sunriver?

From Portland? 3 hours 49 minutes
From Bend? 28 minutes
From Eugene? 2 hours 45 minutes
From Florence? 4 hours 1 minute
From Grants Pass? 3 hours 35 minutes

Why Skamania?

Though there were many things we enjoyed and appreciated about Florence, attendance was down significantly from what it had been at Sunriver (from 398 in 2008 to 305 in 2009 to 235 in 2010). In addition to the economy, the feedback we were receiving from women all over the conference was that they missed having everyone staying together; they didn't like having to find their own accommodations; and if they were going to leave home for a weekend, along with enjoying the fellowship and spiritual blessings, they wanted to be pampered a little – which includes having fabulous food!

We checked with Sunriver, however they could not accommodate us in 2011. In 2012, they would only be able to accommodate a limited number. Skamania Lodge, though not as centrally located, is a sister to Sunriver. There are not very many facilities in Oregon that can accommodate our group! We are thankful we were able to make these arrangements with them.

Skamania Lodge has hosted retreats for both the Quiet Hour and the Voice of Prophecy, so they are familiar with serving the Adventist market.

The views from the lodge are spectacular! Everything is all under one roof; they have beautiful hiking trails, a wonderful pool and hot tubs; we can use their bicycles for free! The rooms and facilities are beautifully done, and the food is... well, let's just say you've never had it better. We think you'll love it there!

But Skamania costs so much more than Florence.
Actually, when you add together the cost of the retreat in Florence with the average cost of accommodations there, it doesn't come out to be that much more. If in Florence you were able to sleep on a friend's couch... Well, we can't compete with that!

Last year the teens could go for only $25! Why do they only get half off this year?
Last year, everyone (including teens) had to pay for their own accommodations - this year, accommodations are included in the registration fee.

How can you give the teens 50% off?
We are using funds from the 2010 annual Women's Ministries offering, taken every year on the third Sabbath in July. These funds are designated for outreach and training. We believe that reaching out to our teens in this way is BOTH outreach and training!

Are there any scholarships available from the conference?
Unfortunately, there are not. We encourage you to check with your Women's Ministries leader or your pastor. And don't forget to pray about this - You are very special to God and He is amazingly creative about these things! If He wants you to be at this retreat, He will provide!

Why are you only accepting twenty teens?
Funding is part of it, but it's mainly because we will be sharing Skamania with another group (of dermatologists - they shouldn't be too wild!) and that made it difficult to find a place where the teens could have their breakouts. The solution? We will be using the most fabulous suite at Skamania - it's 1100 square feet with a phenomenal view, two bathrooms, an extra sink and microwave... It's normally $450 per night! But Skamania will let us use it for the teens' breakouts!

Why is there a limit of only 300 women this year?
As mentioned above, we will be sharing Skamania this year. We think that after having only 235 last year, this is a reasonable number. Next year, though, we will have the place to ourselves! And it's a good thing – because when word gets out about how wonderful our new location is, we expect very large numbers again!

Why can't you offer a partial registration option? Or let people stay somewhere else and just drive in for the day?
The retreat is designed as a WHOLE. What happens on Sabbath is built on what happens on Friday night, and so on.

One of the reasons we moved to Skamania was to be able to offer the "retreat" experience, where everyone is staying together at the same location.

In addition, Skamania is giving us the use of their meeting space for FREE. They can do this because of the income that we will generate through the hotel rooms we will reserve and the meals we will purchase.

Unfortunately, once we fill the hotel rooms, we will have filled the meeting rooms to capacity as well. Because of this, along with being fair to the women who do pay for the entire weekend, we will NOT be able to accommodate someone who shows up, hoping to just take in the meetings.

What are the rooms like?
All rooms are spacious and beautifully appointed - each with a private bathroom, of course. The doors open up into the hallway, rather than to the outside.

Rooms that can accommodate two women have one king-sized bed. Rooms that can accommodate three women have one king-sized bed and a double-sized sleeper sofa.

Rooms that can accommodate four women have either two queen-sized beds or two double-sized beds.

What about roommates?
There is a place on the registration form to list your roommate preferences. Linda Schrader, an administrative assistant for Member Ministries (which includes Women's Ministries) is keeping track of these. We will do everything we can to be sure you can room with the person(s) of your choice.

If you do not have any roommate preferences, or, for example, if there are just two of you who want to room together bu you want a four-person-per-room rate, we will match you up appropriately.

What could complicate your roommate situation? If the person you list doesn't register; of if someone lists you but you list someone else . . . But we'll get those things worked out!

If you have questions about this, call Linda at the conference office at 503-850-3555 or e-mail her at

What can I expect at registration?
You will sign in for the retreat first, then you will check into the hotel. One person from each room will need to leave credit card information with the hotel to cover any additional expenses that occur, such as room service. Incurring any additional expenses is OPTIONAL. If you do not incur any, your balance when you check out at the end of the weekend will be zero.

What if I have special dietary needs?
Given the abundant variety of foods available at Skamania's buffets, you will likely find plenty to eat. However, they have requested that we let them know of the special dietary needs of our group, so please let us know what yours are when you register. Look for the special place to do so on the registration form.