Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries Resource Library

Our library consists of video tapes, audio tapes and books. See our list below for specific resources available.


Heart Call by Center for Creative Ministry deals with reaching unchurched women.

Friend2Friend Training Kit by Center for Creative Ministry for small groups to learn how to reach the unchurched.

Safety Zone by Center for Creative Ministry talks about friends reaching out.

Wrestling with Angels - 2 tapes, discussions with Tony Campolo, Philip Yancey, Richard Foster, Lewis Smedes, Madeleine L'Engle, Keith Miller

Silver Boxes by Florence Littauer on the gift of encouragement.

Personality Plus by Florence, Fred and Marita Littauer - 3 tape video, six sessions on understanding yourself, marriage, workplace, parenting, grandparenting and difficult people.

Audio Tapes

A Gift of Mourning Glories by Georgia Shaffer deals with loss and changes.

Love Extravagantly by Marita Littauer deals with relationships.

You've Got What It Takes by Marita Littauer deals with direction for women longing for purpose.

Speaking & Writing Like a Hand in a Glove by Marita Littauer

Personality Puzzle by Marita Littauer presents the four personalities

Pink Duck by Stephanie Wolfe presents the heartache of her life.

Tails from the Trails by Stephanie Wolfe deals with parallels of Israelite journey.

Daddy's Girls by Stephanie Wolfe deals with parallel of earthly father and heavenly Father.

The River of God by Stephanie Wolfe on the life-changing power of God.

Aspiring Women & Learning to Lead by Stephanie Wolfe

Sister Act by Stephanie Wolfe on the power and potential of relationships.

New Beginnings
by His Word Seminar (an ASI package includes manual). The New Beginnings Small Group Bible Study has 26 programs that include kick-off questions, an introduction to the DVD, life applications questions and ideas for prayer. You may borrow this from our office or order your own at It Is Written's online store.

Bible Studies
Bible Studies for Busy Women, 14 lessons with topics on Rest, Salvation, Mentoring and more will be mailed to you free. Please email at our office with your mailing address. May God bless you as you study to know Jesus better and His plan for your life.

We have over 250 books on starting or improving women's ministries, prayer, women's issues, inspiration and just for fun.

AdventSource has many resources for Women's Ministries.